LAN Network Setup: The Right Way To Do It

LAN Network Setup

LAN network setup (Local area network setup) allows you to attach multiple devices like computers, laptops, printers and mobiles with just one internet service provider to share the files and  communicate with each other. You can install the LAN wherever you need to connect multiple devices locally, e.g. in the house or in the office Etc. We are going to tell you the right way to do it.

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Desktop Motherboard Repair: The Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Desktop Motherboard Repair Step By Step

The work of desktop motherboard repair seems a quite difficult task due to the complex structure of the motherboard having many ICs (internal chips), capacitors and resistors.


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Upgrade Computer Hardware For Best Performance

Upgrade Computer Hardware

If you have an old computer or a new one with a low configuration it is quite common to experience slow booting speed, sluggish operation or frequent problem of freezing. We can understand that this very frustrating in nature and you might consider upgrading your computer hardware for better performance.

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