What is an Ideal Network Infrastructure Setup

network infrastructure setup

An ideal network infrastructure is the perfect combination of high performing PC’s, routers and the fast internet to share and process data safely and quickly. A network infrastructure is the set of high performing components that support the  fast management and reliable communications between the online devices.

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LAN Network Setup: The Right Way To Do It

LAN Network Setup

LAN network setup (Local area network setup) allows you to attach multiple devices like computers, laptops, printers and mobiles with just one internet service provider to share the files and  communicate with each other. You can install the LAN wherever you need to connect multiple devices locally, e.g. in the house or in the office Etc. We are going to tell you the right way to do it.

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[Tutorial] How to configure switchable graphic

How to Configure Switchable Graphic

One day, we received a personal message on our facebook page and ask us how to swtich graphic between integrated graphics(which mostly refer to Intel HD Graphic) and external graphics(Nvidia or AMD Radeon). So we decided to make a tutorial on how to configure the switchable graphic.

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[Tutorial] How to Format a USB Drive in Windows

How to Reformat Your Pendrive

These are the steps of how to format your USB drive. It’s used to erase all the data of your USB drive.

Whether you’re running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, the steps are essentially the same

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[Tutorial] How to Share Files on Google Drive

How to Share Files on Google Drive

We use Google Drive to draft new blog posts, take meeting notes, share information with clients and more. A majority of our clients also prefer Drive to other file storage systems. There are several reasons why, but Google Drive is just fast, simple, and secure.

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