Computer Upgrade Service

At Genesis Tech Solution, we offer computer upgrade service in order to make your existing computer up to date, fix problems and as well as make it work more efficiently. As a result, the computer gets all the new features and saves money.

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Is your computer working slowly than usual and it keeps getting stuck every now and then? You might feel as if it’s time for you to buy a new computer. However, what you actually require is a computer upgrade. Get your computer upgraded in order to make it as fresh as a new one.

Computer Upgrade Service

Computer Upgrade Service Available

We have a team of IT specialists to cater to your computer’s needs. Following are the services we provide:

Computer Hardware Repair
Do you often find corrupted files in your computer or the computer shuts down or restarts suddenly and you end up losing important work? If yes, your computer needs a hardware repair. Our team does repair which involves identifying, troubleshooting & resolving problems.
Improve Computer Speed
Does your computer takes too long to load and open files? If yes, the computer’s speed can be improved. We perform several operations such as adding more RAM to the computer in order to speed it up.
Virus & Malware Removal
Virus and Malware can severely damage a computers performance and data within it. These are extremely harmful to the computer. Our team of specialists, remove these viruses and malware in order to make it clean.
Operating System Upgrade
Your computer might be outdated if you have an old operating system. We upgrade the operating system to ensure cyber security and enhance capability of a computer. The performance and stability of the software runs smoothly.

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Get your computer upgrade service today to make it work fast, hold more storage and as well as run smoothly. Get in touch with us today to upgrade your computer. Let us know what problems you might be facing with your computer so we can get a better idea to fix them.


Q: When should you upgrade your computer?

Whenever your computer begins to run slow or you won’t be able to process the latest versions of softwares, games or windows, it means you need to have the computer upgrade service to make it compatible with the recent standards.

Q: Should you upgrade or replace your computer?

If your computer is more than 5 years old and it is not compatible anymore with the recent technology, replace it;however, if the processor is working fine but your PC lacks the speed, memory or storage, consider a computer upgrade service.

Q: What are signs that your pc needs a repair?

A complete blackout, irregular startups, screen flashing, noise from fan, slower speed, random reboot or an annoying freeze are the major signs that hint you to go for a computer upgrade service. 

Q: What is the duration for computer upgrades?

On average, any computer may survive on computer upgrades services till 4-5 years. After 5 years, the old processor and old technology won’t fit anymore and you have to replace your PC.

Q: Who should you contact for upgrade services?

You should contact a team of professional tech geeks like Genesis Tech that assures you the best computer upgrade services in Malaysia and suggests you best upgrade suggestions according to your budget.

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