Office Network Infrastructure Setup

Building up an office network means to start with switches and routers. Though they might look alike they are two completely different devices with a completely different function. At Genesis Tech Solution, we do offer our clients office network infrastructure setup and fix any issues regarding it just to make sure their office or business runs efficiently. Our long list of happy and satisfied big veteran customers makes us stand apart from others.

Network Infrastructure

Is your office network capable to handle this large growth in internet traffic? Does the old network that your office has, likely to support the huge technology demand of the workforce? Or is your office network infrastructure robust and powerful enough the run the new and advanced modern application? If you feel like you’re getting stuck now and then it’s time to give your office a completely new network infrastructure upgrade. Get your office network infrastructure done to make sure it runs efficiently and work without any issues.

Office Network Setup
Network Infrastructure Setup

Ready To Start?

Setting up a medium to small office network is more or less the same. All you need are some devices such as switches and routers that must be installed to make sure you develop a trustworthy and solid office network service. Though the process looks simple, with the growth of IoT your network traffic is surely going to increase, so you must look at the reasons why you need to upgrade. Cloud computing, IoT and many other such factors result in the network traffic to increase day by day.

Office Network Infrastructure Services Available

We have a bunch of specially trained teams of engineers and IT specialists to cater to all your office network needs. Given below are the services that we provide:

Setup Switches For Office Network Upgrade
Switches help in the connection of different devices such as servers, computers, printers, etc. on the same network within the same campus. They even help to build a connection within the same and share possible information and talk to one another on the same network. Building an office network setup is not at all possible without the help of switches to tie different devices at the same time.
Routers Upgrade Service
Unlike the switches, routers do the job of connecting different networks. In the process of building an office network, you do need the help of one or two different routers. Routers do the job of connecting all the computers to a one single internet service provider. It does act as a dispatch, helping in choosing the best path for your valuable information to travel thus building a bridge in connecting your business to the outer world. It decides the priority of one computer over another and helps in protection from different security threats.
Access Point Hardware Setup
Getting your office a high-performance network should always include choosing the right access point hardware. Access points supporting 1×1 radio and antenna generally support a single receive stream and a single transmit stream and it increases with the number. Having access point hardware is a must n while building your office network infrastructure.
Deploying Multiple Access Points
Unless and until your office is located in a small space you do need more than one access point to properly cover all your working area across different bandwidths i.e. 2.4 GHz to 5GHz. Having multiple access points do work only with a single business-centric Wi-Fi managed centrally.

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Make your office network setup full proof to handle the increase in network traffic and make it run smoothly at ease. Get in touch with us today and let us know about your office network issues so that we can help you with a better idea to fix them.