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Managed IT Support Services - Laptop Upgrade Service
If your laptop is not working correctly, it can really disrupt your day-to-day life. In addition to the usual virus and malware hazards, there are some issues that laptops are especially susceptible to for example broken keys, battery failure, cable fraying, and fan overheating. Because of how important it is, you probably want to get your laptop fixed as quickly as possible.

Here at Genesis Tech Solution, we offer a wide range of repair services, ranging from replacing your broken laptop screen to upgrading your machine and to set up your new laptop in the comfort of your own home or office. customers can definitely benefit from our high-quality services, fast turnaround, and low prices.

Professional Laptop Technician

We’re the professional laptop technician that can help you with all the issues you’re facing with your laptop. Even if you are unsure of what laptop upgrade service you need – no problem, the chances are we can still help.

Call us at 016-402 8208 if you require our laptop upgrade service.

Laptop LCD Replacement - Laptop Upgrade Service

Laptop LCD Replacement

Sometimes laptop screens get damaged through a fall or other kind of accident. In other cases, the laptop may display no image even though the screen looks fine. Worry not, give us a call & we will get you the laptop LCD replacement done in no time! Information regarding your laptop will be obtained and we will provide you with an estimated cost and time needed get the laptop LCD replacement done.

Board Repair/Chipset Replacement

Board Repair/Chipset Replacement

When your laptop cannot be switched on, auto-offs or overheats, it is often due to the motherboard or the chipset being broken. Our services help by changing the chipset on the motherboard to a new one.

Headphone Jack Repair - Laptop Technician

USB/Headphone Jack Repair

Jacks are the holes on the laptop where various cables can be plugged into. If the cables were to be removed, the ports can stop working or short out. Water and other external factors can spoil the USB and headphone jacks. Our laptop technician can fix your USB and headphone jacks so that your laptop will be in excellent condition.

Power Jack/Charging Port Repair - Laptop Technician

Power Jack/Charging Port Repair

There are a number of ways the power jack can be damaged. The most common is when your power cord is suddenly pulled out. This affects both the power cord as well as the jacks on the laptop. Continuous usage of a damaged power cord corrupts the laptop and pose as an electrical hazard as well. Send your laptop over to us for a quick fix!

Laptop's Keyboard Replacement

Laptop’s Keyboard Replacement

Laptop keyboards are easily damaged. Whether something’s been dropped on the keyboard or your kids have forcibly torn them off, you want your keyboard to go back to being perfect as possible. No matter the reason for the damage, our laptop technician can remove your old keyboard and install a new one so that your laptop will work correctly again.

Laptop's Hinge Repair

Laptop’s Hinge Repair

A broken laptop hinge can render your laptop useless. If your display monitor won’t stay open or feels loose, it’s time to replace the hinges. Replacing the hinge can give your laptop a new life and save you the expense of purchasing a new one. Talk to our laptop technician for more info!