Upgrade Computer Hardware For Best Performance

If you have an old computer or a new one with a low configuration it is quite common to experience slow booting speed, sluggish operation or frequent problem of freezing. We can understand that this very frustrating in nature and you might consider upgrading your computer hardware for better performance.

But the first thing which comes to your mind is which hardware to upgrade first for best performance. However, your days of tension and anxiety are over as we have come up with the best tips and guidance to upgrade computer hardware. Simply go through the lines below to know about them in detail.


Upgrade Computer Hardware - Genesis Tech Solution

RAM (Random Access Memory)

This is perhaps the first and foremost thing you might consider to upgrade. Adding more memory to your computer is the most simple and easy upgrade you can make for better performance. Upgrading the RAM is very simple and you can even do it at your home without much technical knowledge. Simply match the type of RAM and the existing clock speed and get yourself a new one to install in your PC. Upgrading your computer memory can give an instant boost to every computer that is working at slow speeds. Although a 4GB RAM upgrade will be sufficient for your everyday task we recommend going for 8GB for the best performance.


Graphics Card

This is the second most important thing that you should consider if you are planning to upgrade your computer. However, if you are a gamer a graphics card upgrade must be the first on your list. Although modern computers are coming with sufficient integrated graphics onboard you should consider getting yourself a good graphics card if you want excellent performance and lag-free experience at all times. Go for a performance check comparison of a dedicated graphics card with your onboard graphics in order to best understand whether you need this upgrade or not.


Storage Drive

There are basically two reasons you would want to upgrade your storage drive. The first one is a shortage of storage space and the second one is faster performance. If you have done everything to free up storage space and still find yourself struggling it’s time to upgrade your storage drive with a bigger and better one because a filled up disk space not only causes space problems for data storage but also affects your computer performance negatively. Consider upgrading the physical speed of your hard drive from 5400RPM to 7200RPM for better performance. However, if you need ultimate results, consider upgrading your existing hard drive with an SSD or Solid State Drive and you will notice the substantial performance boost yourself.



You can consider upgrading your processor if you want faster performance from your computer. We have purposefully kept this upgrade at the last of this list because unlike the other upgrades mentioned above upgrading the processor is a far more advanced process and it requires expert technical knowledge. It is not only trickier to install physically but also quite expensive in nature. Moreover, you might also face compatibility issues after the upgrade. So it is advisable to go for a processor upgrade only if it is a significant upgrade like moving from an i3 processor to an i5 processor.


Get Helps For Upgrading Computer Hardware

Computer upgrading increases the overall performance of your computer, it is always good that you take professional and expert help before you go for an upgrade. Talk to our technicians at Genesis Tech Solutions for all your computer upgrades and networking needs. We are simply the best business IT solutions provider and take pride in delivering excellent customer service.

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